Pheromones for attraction

Pheromone Perfume and Cologne for Attraction and Seduction Perfumes and colognes that contain Androstadienone or other bioactive airborne molecules are becoming quite common in the seduction and attraction underground. Many people do not realize that slowly over time these bio chemicals have become very popular in niche perfumes and colognes and are being used on a regular basis by hundreds of thousands of men and women. Most of the population still thinks that these products are fake or scam products sold by hucksters. They do not know that there is real science and real laboratories that have been working on perfecting the use of these ingredients for many years. It does not help that we have the media claiming that humans do not have pheromones while it is a well-known fact by the very same scientific community that all mammals do indeed produce and respond to these very same chemicals that we humans supposedly don’t have. For some reason the media wants to ignore the fact that we are mammals as well. They ignore things like women produce Copulins when they are ovulating and have the highest chance of getting pregnant. Why is this important? Because when men breathe Copulins in through their noses there blood levels of testosterone can climb over one hundred and fifty percent in under ten minutes. That is not small reaction for something that supposedly does not exist. It appears the problem is not whether or not we humans produce these natural bio chemicals but what we call them. Science does not want us labeled the same as animals even though we most certainly are animals and have most if not all of the basic animal responses. Anyway that aside people in the know are still experimenting testing and using these isolated chemicals for their own private gain. Improving how other people respond to you is not small success so who would not use such an advantage if it is available. We have done a great deal of research to identify which chemicals work and which laboratories manufacture them for people to buy and use for themselves. Finding reputable companies was difficult there appear to be only two or three in the world that is making perfumes and colognes with high quality bio indicators like Androstenol or Androsterone. Like wine connoisseurs but for bio chemicals there are forums that discuss all the ways and formulas that people experiment with from the companies that can be trusted and reading these forums can save you a great deal of time in your own personal research. I would not hesitate to recommend looking them up and joining them if you think you may want to delve into this rich and interesting field of experimentation. Im sure the personal rewards are well worth the effort.

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